Warehouse Facilities

The EGAC complex occupies more than 45,000 square meters, and is 38 meters high, incorporating warehousing and office space. A cafeteria is located on the third floor providing a cozy area for meals and drinks. Fee-collecting centers are located on the second floor, providing one-stop service. A cashier's counter, banking services and offices for government authorities are also provided.

The building has seven stories, two of which are underground. A total of 70 truck loading bays are available equipped with loading platforms. Trucks can park at any convenient loading bay to begin operations, which speeds up loading and unloading. The warehouse is divided into four areas: express, planeside operations, import , export and transit zones. Operations continue 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The branch sits to the northeast of T.T.Y. International Airport, 800 meters away from the main building, close to the apron. The building occupies 26,500 square meters, offering 320,000 tons of handling capability and is the first warehouse at T.T.Y. that handles transit cargo exclusively.

Express cargo

The Express Warehouse is designed for speedy customs clearance. It is equipped with ball mats and conveyer belts, which reach the truck loading bays for efficient cargo operations.

Planeside Release cargo

The Planeside Release Warehouse is used for quick customs clearance of perishable goods.

Export / Import cargo

The Export and Import Warehouse are divided into several different storage areas. Areas are set aside for full pallet/container loads; heavy cargo; automatic storage and retrieval, racks, small shipment racks, cool and frozen cargos.

Transit cargo

The Transit Warehouse is a dedicated facility for transit cargo, consisting of roller storage and 24 cooler rooms for ULDs. It is also equipped with 18 elevating workstations for quickly building up and breaking down shipments.

Hardware Equipment

An efficient warehouse and well-equipped offices make up the EGAC site. All efforts have been made to make business partners and customers feel as comfortable as possible.

Rack (1.2m X 1.4m) 3,053
Over-Gauge Cargo, In-House Pallet Storage Zone16
Truck Dock 70
Elevating Workstation34
Fixed Workstation5
Cooler 26 767.0 0 ℃ ~ 15 ℃
Freezer25 296.8 -18 ℃ ~ 0 ℃
Temperature Control 1 100.0 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃
Valuable Goods 1 90.0 Air Condition
Dangerous Goods 4 73.0 Air Condition

Automation Storage Facilities

For the many different types of unit load, EGAC has many storage systems:


Pallet Container Handling System

Equipped with 2 ETVs and 8 TVs. The ETVs handle 60 pallets or containers per hour. The PCHS has a total of 728 storage positions includeing 4 freezer and 4 cooler positions.


Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Equipped with 4 crane machines and handles up to 200 pallets per hour. The ASRS has 1,872 storage positions.


Empty Container System

Equipped with 381 storage positions and 2 machines to store and retrieve empty containers. This system greatly reduces damage to empty containers.

Intelligent Software Facilities

EGAC places great value upon the importance of software. Electronic data interchange (EDI) allows EGAC to achieve full automation of cargo operations.

Cargo Operation Systems(COSYS)

EGAC manages inbound and outbound cargo through Cargo Operations Systems (COSYS), which was purchased from SATS Ltd. and tailored to suit our needs.

Inventory Control System (ICS)

ICS is a state-of-the-art, automated cargo handling system, which monitors, controls and optimizes all data necessary for air cargo handling operations. It communicates with other cargo systems in order to receive necessary information, processes it and passes on information to administrative system layers.

Barcode System

The use of wireless networks and handheld wireless data collection equipment, technology, implementation and enclosure management of cargo handling operations to assist COSYS system to enhance real-time dynamic goods and enclosure information, improve operational efficiency and accuracy of information officers.

Express Handling Unit System (EHU)

Express processing import and export cargo handling and warehouse rental computing operations, this system developed by Trade-Van (Trade-Van Information Services Co.), and the EDI system with the operation of the express cargo handling precise and efficient.

EDI System

With the customs policies, the air cargo into the storage of information, the application automatically delivered to the Customs EDI technology review, in order to achieve automation of air cargo customs clearance purposes.

Cargo Tracking System

Customers can keep a close eye on the status of their cargo in real time through an online cargo tacking and tracing system.

Air Mail Scanning System

EGAC setup an Air parcel tag scanning system to exchange the data of airmail with airlines and airmail post office. It makes track and trace more easy and efficiency.

Airline Service System

On behalf of airlines to handle the cargo documentations, EGAC has his own airline service system. It provide standard, customize and speedy information to EGAC’s esteemed customers.

Security Facilities

EGAC spares no effort when it comes to safety and security. All operational areas are monitored by a network of over 600 high definition surveillance cameras and security guards remain on duty 24 hours a day. In 2005, EGAC became the first air cargo handling company in Taiwan to receive grade A certification from Transported Asset Protect Association.

Access controls

Gates and vehicle screening


High-resolution CCTV surveillance

Warning system

Alarms throughout site

Identity Management

ID cards limit access for staff and visitors


Security guards examine ID

TAPA Certification

On August 1, 2011, Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corp. received A-ClassCertification from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). BVCertification Taiwan Co. pressented the company with the certificate.Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corp. also gained A-Class certification in 2005,becoming the first air cargo company in Taiwan to do so.

The transportation of high-tech goods in an all-important component of international trade. The giants of the electronics manufacturing world use only air cargo service providers with TAPA certification in the company and will help raise service levels and competitivenesss within the industry.

The Transported Asset Protection Association is a nonprofit international organization comprising high-tech industries, shipping contractors and professional consultancies. The organization's mission is to ensure safe and secure transportation of high-tech manufacturing assets.

The results of the audit are classified into levels A, B and C, with A being the highest score. The audit covers eight focus areas and 78 individual items The assessed focus areas include: perimeter security, access control (office areas), dock/warehouse security, security systems, security procedures, standard truck security, pre-alert, and enhanced security requirements.

Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corp. personnel made great efforts to win the highest certification possible, upgrading security facilities and procedures as necessary. The company's new digital video monitoring system includees hundreds of cameras that augment the alarms and security control equipment. Nearly 40 security guards are stationed 24 hours a day to monitor all doors, windows and major passages.


EGAC is the air cargo arm of the Evergreen Group and is located along the cargo apron at Taoyuan International Airport. In 2005, EGAC received TAPA FSR Class-A certification, which guarantees safe, efficient air cargo services.

In 2008, EGAC began making the greenhouse gas inventory and in 2010 obtained the third-party verification statement of greenhouse gas emissions which in accordance with the ISO 14064-1:2006 by Bureau Veritas Certification (Taiwan). EGAC is the first air cargo company in Taiwan to obtain this certification!

In 2022, the greenhouse gas inventory has been carried out in in accordance with the latest version of the ISO 14064-1:2018 standard.In addition to greenhouse gas emission sources owned and controlled by the company and purchased electricity,the inventory items also include other emission sources generated in the course of operations that are not owned and controlled by the company,including employee commuting, business travel, energy, upstream fossil fuels, solid and liquid waste handling and transportation.In January 2024, EGAC obtained the third-party verification statement of greenhouse gas emissions which in accordance with the ISO 14064-1:2018.

EGAC adheres to the Evergreen Group's business philosophy of "caring for Taiwan and contributing to society"and strictly controls and manages the greenhouse gases, noise and waste that may be generated during the handling of air cargo to reduce the impact on the environment.At the same time, we have formulated various policies of energy conservation and carbon reduction.Through various energy conservation and emission reduction measures within the enterprise,EGAC will contribute to environmental protection.